Employment Resource Team LLC has specialized workshops to fit the needs of our business clients. The following is a list of workshops that can be tailored for business clients:

Twenty-First Century Customer Service
Gain insight and best practices about what your customers needs are and continuously stay up-to-date on how to best meet those needs. Training your employees to better serve your customers is key!

The Importance of Talent Management
Do you know if your best talent is in the right position in your company? Properly assess the needs of your organization and your employees to ensure success!

The Importance of Talent Acquisition
Are you hiring the right people for your company? Do you have an on boarding strategy in place to ensure their success? It costs companies more money each time they have to recruit, hire, and train a new employee.

Our individuals clients can benefit from the following workshops that are geared towards their career transition and employment networking needs:

Employment Marketing Portfolio 101
Do you have a Twenty-First Century resume and cover letter written from a marketing standpoint? Who are you currently networking with for your job search? Are you applying for positions where you are overqualified and/or over qualified? What does your personal brand say about you?

Twenty-First Century Interview Coaching
Are you prepared for your next interview? Learn how to prepare for a phone and in person interview. Do you know which non-verbal mistakes you make on interviews that could be hindering your chances of success?

Career Transition Workshop
Learn the best practices for making a career transition and get all of your questions answered to assist you in moving toward a new career successfully!