Employment Resource Team LLC, a BBB accredited business, consults companies on how to save time and money through our Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Consulting and Customer Service Training.

Employment & Economic Development Services (EEDS) - a division of Employment Resource Team LLC, EEDS was created to assist veterans and re-entry men and women to transition from being unemployed to employed.

Are you interested in adding a language skill to your resume? Our next Spanish on the Green™ classes will start again in September 2014.  Learn Spanish grammar, conversation, and occupational vocabulary to use in the workplace.  Our Spanish on the Green™ Monthly Conversation Groups, starts in September 2014! This will be a great learning experience as we sample cuisines and wine tastings at local Latin and Spanish restaurants!  Contact us for more information!

​Watch a recent video interview of ERT's Principal & Founder, Natalia Xiomara-Chieffo on "Let's Get Social" with Host Chris Bartlett - http://tinyurl.com/NXCinterview

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HR Services Offered:

  • Talent Management

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